Amharic Translation Services

Amharic Language Translation

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia, with 22 million people speaking it. People in Eritrea, North America, and Sweden speak it as well. In fact, Amharic is one of the most widely spoken Semitic languages in the world.

Amharic Translation Services

Since Ethiopia is gearing up for rapid economic development, the need for Amharic translation services has increased by leaps and bounds. This is where Wordsburg comes to your help. We offer the best Amharic translation services that you can count on.

Our approach towards Amharic language translation is well-organised. We segment our translators into several teams based on their subject matter expertise. Domains include finance and business, trade, real estate, travel and tourism, marketing and more. This makes it easy for us to offer efficient, accurate, quick and affordable translation services.

But before you delve into our services for translation of Amharic to English and vice versa, here are a few facts about the language itself.

Few Facts about the Amharic language

Apart from the 22 million people in Ethiopia, 3 million people in the rest of the world speak Amharic. Its script closely resembles the Ge’ez alphabet and has 33 characters. Each character has seven variations in terms of the combination of consonant-vowel.

Who Needs Amharic Language Translation?

As 22 million people in Ethiopia speak Amharic language, investors, businessmen, and private individuals need Amharic translation services for effective communication. If you are a global business entity, this service can help you build a solid base in Ethiopia. And if you are a local business in Ethiopia, our services can help you spread wings at a global level. Or you might be an Ethiopian planning to travel abroad for a job or higher education. In that case too, we can translate your certificates, identity cards, passport and more. 

Are you a global business trying to foray into the Ethiopian market? Or maybe you are a local business in Ethiopia trying to expand beyond the geographical boundaries? In either situation, you will need translation of Amharic to English to ease communication and stay ahead of competitors.

Luckily, our highly experienced translators can provide Amharic translation services in the following areas:


  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Video
  • Websites
  • Marketing & more

Individual customers:

For individual customers, Wordsburg can be a great help when it comes to certified translation. We have expertise in:

For individual customers, Wordsburg can be a great help when it comes to certified translation. We have expertise in:

  • Amharic to English Translation
  • English to Amharic Translation

Our Amharic Certified Translations for individuals include:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Education Certificates
  • Driving Licenses
  • Legal Content
  • Bank Statements & more

Why Trust Wordsburg for Amharic Language Translation?

Fast and Affordable: If you are looking to avail professional translation services for Amharic, we can help you out cost-effectively. Our experienced Amharic linguists can deliver Amharic translation services quickly too.

Quality services: Wordsburg is known for accuracy and human touch in translation services. We also make sure that the translation is in sync with the Amharic culture and etiquette.

Versatility: From business documents to personal certificates to websites and food menus, we can translate a variety of content types. We are also experts at translating medical records, videos, whitepapers and more.


At Wordsburg, we offer translation services for different languages and Amharic is one of them. And when it comes to Amharic language translation, our translators have knowledge and expertise in various domains. This way, we make sure that you always get satisfactory results. So, contact us today for a quote. 

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