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Afrikaans Translation Services is one of the popular African languages we offer. Our translation in Afrikaans language pair is not only fast but also superior quality. At the same time, it comes at affordable prices.

Given these points, many global brands choose Wordsburg as their Afrikaans translation company. Afterall, our excellent track record and customer reviews can vouch for that.


In case you are one of such customers looking for Afrikaans translation you are in right place.  Before elaborating on the Afrikaans translation, checkout basics of Afrikaans.

Few facts about the Afrikaans Language

For beginners, Afrikaans is one of the official languages spoken in South Africa. During the Dutch colonisation of South Africa, Afrikaans language has come into prominence. As a matter of fact, it is an amalgamation of Dutch & few other European languages. 
Today, almost 8 million people speak Afrikaans in South Africa. Also, to add on, there are about 1 million people who speak Afrikaans overseas. All in all, it’s a sizeable market to consider.

Who need Afrikaans language translation?

Besides Zulu & Xhosa, Afrikaans is one of the broadly spoken languages in South Africa. About 13.5% of South African population are native Afrikaans speakers. Communicating in Afrikaans plays a crucial role in establishing ties with such demographics

Any company holding stakes with native Afrikaans need Afrikaans Translation services. Not only businesses but also Individuals require Afrikaans language translation.

Today, most global companies identify the importance of localisation. Otherwise, they will lose to the local competitors. Thus, a company targeting the South African market cannot ignore Afrikaans language.
To appeal to native Afrikaans, companies need to translate into the Afrikaans language.  At different stages of the business journey, the required content may vary. As a professional Afrikaans Translation company, we can help with:
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Video
  • Websites
  • Marketing & more

We can help you with Certified Afrikaans Translation for your certificates. Our expertise lies:

  • Afrikaans to English Translation
  • English to Afrikaans Translation

Our Afrikaans Certified Translations for individuals include:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Education Certificates
  • Driving Licenses
  • Legal Content
  • Bank Statements & more

Why trust us for Afrikaans translation services?

Fast: Our turnaround for Afrikaans language translation is quick. While most of the Afrikaans document translation takes 1-2 Working days, volume projects may need longer. For big projects, we will take 1 working day to translate 2000 Afrikaans words into English. Likewise, for English to Afrikaans translation, we need the same amount of time.

Quality: Besides being fast, we strive for excellence. With over 50+ native Afrikaans Translators on board, we will deliver high quality translation. Each of our professional Afrikaans translators undergoes a stringent interview process.  To begin with, chosen translators work on the basic Afrikaans Document Translation. Subsequently, they will rise in ranks.  complex projects are undertaken by the Best Afrikaans translators.

Affordable: Lastly, our Afrikaans Translation pricing is affordable. While our prices are simple, they are equally customisable. To begin with, you can visit our order page to calculate Afrikaans translation costs. For a custom quote, please contact our sales team.


To conclude, we are one of the reputed Global Afrikaans translators. You can rely on us for your any type of content. As a matter of fact, our services are customizable to your Afrikaans language requirements. Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans Translation, we are here to help.

 Send us any content type, we will deliver our best Afrikaans translation services. If your content is ready, visit our request a quote today.

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