Conference Transcription Services: 9 Best Agencies

Conference Transcription Services

People converge at conferences, events, workshops, and training to exchange ideas and learn new things. These talks are resourceful because every speaker has a special message to deliver. While most people like to take notes as the speakers deliver their speeches, it is better to dedicate all the attention to listening and engaging the speaker instead of wasting time taking notes.

Conference transcription services are crucial to any business. They provide listeners and speakers with a reliable source of information in written form. Whether it is a seminar, focus group, or corporate training, transcribing conference sessions has many benefits. High-quality transcripts help the attendees and those who missed the conference but want to learn what others learnt.

What are the Benefits of Conference Transcription Services?

What are the Benefits of Conference Transcription Services?

Conference transcription services offer several benefits. These include:

Transcripts are More Engaging

A written piece of information is easier to access than an audio or video. Attendees and members of the public can follow all the sessions in the conference in one place. Moreover, the mind retains written content better than audio or video content.

SEO and Digital Marketing

When corporations and businesses transcribe their conferences, meetings, minutes, agenda, etc., they boost their rankings for particular keywords. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key element in digital marketing, and corporations can use it to get more traffic and sales.

What Qualities to Look at When Hiring a Conference Transcription Agency

What Qualities to Look at When Hiring a Conference Transcription Agency

The following attributes differentiate a good transcription agency from a mediocre one:

> Accuracy

> Affordability

> Safety and security of clients’ data

> Turnaround time

> Additional services such as translation, captioning, and subtitling

Best Agencies for Conference Transcription Services

There are two types of transcription services, namely, machine and human transcription. Machine transcription entails using artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic audio-to-text software to transcribe an audio or video file.

Human transcription is when a human listens to an audio or video file and writes down the words on a book, paper, or computer. In this comparative article, we will focus on agencies offering human transcription services.

#1 Wordsburg


Wordsburg is a leading transcription company offering accurate and high-quality conference transcription services in the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia. The agency has a pool of over 5000 transcriptionists who can deliver transcripts in over 100 languages.

The company also offers other related services such as translation, captioning, subtitling, voice-over, and interpretation. With offices in London and Singapore, Wordsburg ranks as the best agency due to the following factors:

> 99% accuracy of transcripts with time stamps and speakers’ names

> High-quality multilingual transcripts

> Fast turnaround

> Clean and true verbatim

> Certification for audio transcription

> Affordable rates

#2 Take Note

Take Note is a UK-based transcription agency whose pool of over 600 human transcriptionists delivers high-quality transcripts with a fast turnaround. It is a highly-recommended option for high-end files that require security and confidentiality. Their tight compliance standards make them one of the most sort-after conference transcription services in the UK.

Take Note has the following desirable qualities:

> Exemplary customer support

> 99% accuracy of transcripts

> Quick turnaround

> Offers verbatim plus additional notes

> UK-native transcribers

#3 Way with Words

Way with Words offers high-quality conference transcription services in the UK. Like Wordsburg, the agency serves customers in the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, their services are a bit pricy because they personalise projects. With Way with Words, you get a flat fee regardless of the complexity or ease of the project, the number of speakers, or audio length.

The following attributes make Way with Words a great transcription agency:

> Transparent pricing

> Multilingual transcribers

> 99% accuracy

> They polish machine-automated transcripts

> Experienced transcribers

#4 GoTranscript

If you are looking for a cheap agency that will deliver high-quality transcripts, GoTranscript will work just fine. Thanks to its pool of offshore transcribers, the Scotland-based agency offers affordable conference transcription services to clients worldwide.

Their transcription services are fast and accurate. However, because they source their transcribers from all over the world, your data security may be at stake.

GoTranscript’s desirable qualities:

> Trusted agency

> 99% accuracy guaranteed

> Affordable rates with offers and discounts on bulk orders

> Timely delivery

> Offer other services such as translation

#5 Language Link UK

Language Link UK is one of the best agencies for conference transcription services. They offer accurate and high-quality transcripts for medical, corporate, legal, and academic clients at affordable rates and with a quick turnaround.

Desirable qualities of Language Link UK:

> Straight forward pricing

> Multilingual transcriptions

> 99% transcription

> Trusted by corporates and media companies

#6 TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the most-trusted online transcription services with a global clientele. With transcribers from different parts of the world, the agency offers transcription services in over 100 languages.

The following attributes make TranscribeMe a great transcription agency:

> 99% accuracy guaranteed

> Global services

> Security and confidentiality guaranteed

> Multilingual transcription

#7 Rev

Rev is one of the transcription agencies that harness the power of speech-to-text AI tools with human transcribers to produce high-quality transcripts. It is a global agency with transcribers from most parts of the world where English is the first language. The agency offers conference transcription services in different languages, including Arabic, Korean, French, and Spanish.

Attributes that make Rev a good transcription agency:

> High-quality transcripts

> 99% accuracy

> Secure online ordering

> Fast turnaround

> Transparent pricing

#8 McGowan Transcriptions

Established in 1993, McGowan Transcription offers one of the best conference transcription services in the UK. The transcription and translation agency provides accurate, timely, and high-quality services to clients. Its client base includes the NHS, legal companies, corporates, and small businesses. McGowan’s long-standing reputation makes it an honourable mention in the best transcription agencies in the UK.

Desirable qualities of McGowan transcriptions:

> 99% accurate transcripts

> Exemplary customer support

> Safe and secure transcription

> Transcripts in over 200 languages

> Fast turnaround

#9 Scribie

Scribie lets you transcribe audio and video files at affordable rates and with a quick turnaround time. The global company has a pool of multilingual experts who can transcribe files with heavy accents to produce accurate and high-quality transcripts. However, Scribie charges more rates for poor-quality audio or accent-filled files.

Desirable qualities of Scribie:

> 99% accuracy

> Confidentiality guaranteed

> Straight forward pricing

> Timely delivery

> 24/7 customer support

Wrap Up

Conference transcription services offer attendees and those who missed well-detailed information about a meeting or conference. Written data also boosts SEO ranking, and corporates can attract more traffic and make sales. The accuracy of transcripts, turnaround, rates and customer support sets apart the best transcription agencies from the rest.