7 Traits of Professional Voice Over Recording Services

Professional Voice Over Recording Services

At the click of a button, you have access to a wide array of videos on the internet. Most of the videos have amazing voice overs and you wonder how they get such professional voice overs incorporated into their videos. 

The 2020s being an era of vloggers and moviemakers, professional voice over recording services are the most sought after to make the videos look professional. Not only for professionalism but also to communicate with the target audience in a simple and appealing way, voice overs are an absolute necessity. A good voice over work should sound custom-made specially for each project!

Yes, we live in such a world where technology plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Two decades ago, technology always sounded geekish and complicated. Professional voice over recording services seemed pretty much far-fetched for an ordinary man. But with the emergence of technology, everything is for everyone these days and there are plenty of professional voice recording services available in every locality. But don’t get gullible with their fancy advertisements and promotions. You may not get professional voice recording services like how they claim it to be. 

So as not to fall for the false advertisements and promotions, we are listing out 7 smart ways to help you recognize professional voice over recording services. Check it out!

1. First & Foremost – Diction

Diction matters in voice overs
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Of course, you have to make sure that the diction of the voice over artist is perfect and not just average. This is the most important factor to be considered and if the diction is annoying the whole voice over will not create a great impact at all. If you need to reach your target audience in a language they are very familiar with, you need a voice over service that can effortlessly converse in the language with ease. You cannot have British voice over actors for American voice overs. Their slangs and accents differ. 

So go through the previous work of the professional voice over recording services and see if they are top-notch in their voice over services. If yes, this is one of the most significant factors to be considered while deciding to opt for their service.  


2. Language Fluency

fluency of the voice over artists is crucial
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The voice over artists of the professional voice over recording services must be really fluent in the language in which they are going to do the voice overs. Even if the diction is good, when they do not possess enough fluency it matters a lot in the overall rhythm and tempo of the voice over. The flow of the overall voice over will get affected tremendously and people would be able to figure out that the voice over artist isn’t comfortable in the language. It may cause the voice over to sound robotic or lifeless. We don’t want that happening, do we?


3. Check Out the Audio Software Used

good audio software is a must
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Needless to emphasize the requirement of good audio software!

You know if the software isn’t great then you will fail terribly in coming up with great audio. Most of the software is the same because the features they have are mostly similar to each other. 

Some random software cannot be used because it will affect the overall quality of the voice over. Check out the software they are using and do a bit of research on the quality of audio produced out of it. This will help you immensely in making a final decision.


4. See If They Have Good Quality Sound Equipment

Good sound equipments in a studio
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Even if you have good audio software and voice over artist, when the professional voice over recording services do not have the right good quality sound equipment it is a major NO-NO!

You always need to make sure that the studio has a good cardioid condenser mic, pre-amps, monitors, headphones, etc. These are all so essential to produce a good voice over. You just cannot compromise on any of these aspects. So you always need to make sure beforehand the recording services have all high-quality sound equipment and that they are updated well. 


5. Check Out the Portfolio

Portfolios are essential
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If the company is legitimate, they would have given many voice overs for various personal and commercial projects. So go through it and see the quality rendered. If you are able to make out some glitches, then it is better not to go ahead with them. On the other hand, if you find the audio to be crystal clear with attractive voice overs, then it is a good sign and you can think of giving them your project. 

You cannot skip this step because you cannot afford to give your project to a company that does not have any prior experience in any of the professional recording services. They might do some goof ups and your creative work might end up being miserable. 


6. Good Technicians

Good sound engineers
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If you have everything and still do not have a good technician who can handle the software and equipment well, you will end up in major crises. Not just in handling the software but also in giving proper ideas and guidance to the voice over artist a good technician or a sound engineer is so mandatory. They will know some tips and tricks to get the right voice modulation from the male and female voice over artists based on their voice capacities. So a know-it-all person with years of experience is so crucial here. 


7. Go For a Lengthy Discussion

Lengthy discussions
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A detailed discussion is essential with professional voice over recording services. Shoot as many questions as possible and try to extract many details from them. Having such a lengthy discussion will help you immensely in getting information on those aspects which you had long forgotten to ask and it will only help you in the long run. By doing so, you are also building a good healthy relationship with them for the future. Going for the same voice over recording services will help you and your brand because customers will recognize the brand voice and it will forever be etched in their minds. 


To Conclude

Following these 7 smart tips will help you considerably in achieving the goal of finding good professional voice over recording services. It is quite difficult to find good and authentic recording services these days. So you need to have a cheat sheet before you approach them and these tips can do wonders in a way you can never imagine!