International Voice Over Service: A Complete Guide

International Voice Over Service

Hiring international voice over services from a reputable agency can help you accomplish your promotional goals efficiently. But how do you select the best voice artists for your projects? This article dives into this topic extensively.

If you manage an online business, you would undoubtedly wish to top the competition and expand your operations globally. One sure way to achieve a competitive advantage and expand your operations is by promoting your products and services by creating commercial videos and podcasts.

For maximum reach outs and conversions, you should create commercials that are relevant and multilingual. You should also ensure their effective communication to the target audience across the globe.

Our guide below will take you through everything you need to know about the voice over service.


 What Is International Voice Over Service?

international voiceover services

Voice over is a production method that utilizes a voice that is not part of the narration to expound the content of a presentation. Voice over can be used in television production,  radio commercials, film-making and theater, among other presentations.

The global voice over market has been growing with time, with an estimated value of more than $4.4 billion. The entertainment industry takes the largest consumer category of the voice market, with a whopping 58% share of the total market value.

Voice over takes two major forms: synchronous dialogue and asynchronous dialogue.

The synchronous dialogue is the most commonly applied voice over technique. It involves the narration of a presentation in real-time.

The asynchronous method, on the other hand, is the least used. It entails pre-recording an already recorded video or presentation to pass the vital information.

Voice over is applied to improve the efficiency of video games, information at events, and promotional campaigns. The technique is also used in on-hold messages and video games.


Why Do You Need An International Voice Over Service?

International Voiceover Service for businesses


According to statistics, the demand for English accents is the highest, with a 22% share over the rest. Other languages such as spanish, german and Italy is also high as shown in this report. You need an international voice over service in your business to:

     Win The Competition

The international voice over service will customize multilingual commercials for you. The multilingual commercials will, in turn, allow you to reach a higher number of your business prospects than your competitor. The ultimate result would be a higher number of conversions and hence more sales.

●     Globalize Your Business

If you have ever dreamt of serving global customers, then investing in the international voice over service is the key. Creating relevant commercials in diverse languages and passing them efficiently to your target audience will attract leads from all corners of the globe.

The chances are high that a significant percentage of the leads will convert to your business. In the end, you will generate enough profits to expand your operations.


When Do You Need A Voice Over Artist?

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As mentioned earlier, voice over artists can customize and pass your commercials to your target audience in any corner of the globe. As such, you should outsource voice over service anytime you need:

  • Voice over for ad commercials.
  • Voice over for e-learning courses.
  • Voice over for telephone IVR.
  • Voice over for explainer videos or podcasts.
  • Voice over for promotional videos.
  • Voice over for audiobooks, etc.

For convenience purposes, you should keep the contacts of a reliable voice over agency to request for their services when need arises.


Who Can Make A Good Voice Over Artist?

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Choosing a voice over artist can be an overwhelming task, given many artists in the market. However, looking at the following qualities among your voice over prospects will save you the burden.

●     Experience

The voice over job is more practical than theoretical. And, an artist can only perform the task well if they are well versed with the necessary skills.
Before landing any voice over artist, you should ascertain that the artist is well trained. 59% of the artists have a bachelor degree, 7% have masters degree, while 13% have associate degrees. You should carefully choose the skills level depending on your needs. The ideal artist should also:

● Have action and diction skills
● Know how to handle clients
● Have worked in the industry in the past.

You can gain this information by looking at their portfolio or consulting with their Voice over Agency.

●     Versatility

Your voice over artist should be capable of changing their tones to meet your voice over needs in different circumstances. As such, you should test the tonal flexibility of all your voice talent prospects to see if they are tailored for your needs.

The successful candidate should flawlessly transition between recordings of varied forms of commercials. This will guarantee you their ability to adjust their tone and range of voice.

●     Clarity

Clarity is an essential aspect of any voice over recording. After all, your target audience would need to hear your message clearly to start reacting. So, your artist should deliver any script believably and clearly regardless of whether they have to whisper, whimper, cry or even shout.

The above are a few examples of the many qualities you need to look for in an artist.

However, looking for an individual voice over artist may frustrate you, especially if they don’t have quality equipment. That is why we highly recommend you outsource your international voice over services from a reputable agency.


Where Can You Find A Voice Over Artist?

international voice actor

You can find the contacts of most voice over experts by just entering the keyphrase ‘Voice over Agency’ online. However, not all of them can meet your voice over needs perfectly. Before you settle on a deal with any agency, it is always safe to check their reviews to see what their previous customers are saying.

If most of their reviews are positive, you can shortlist them for a consultation or physical interview.

Remember, you aim to narrow down your list as much as possible to remain with the top voice over artists available.


 How To Hire A Voice Over Agency

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Below are the various steps you can take to land a great voice over agency.

  • Understand Your Voice Over Needs

Before you start looking for an artist, it can be a good idea to begin by evaluating your voice over needs.

  • Choose A Voice Over Agency To Attend To Your Needs

After evaluating your voice over needs, you should select a voice over agency that is well-tailored for your needs. To get the best agency, you need to research various voice over agencies online to create a checklist. Then, narrow down your list based on:

  • The experience level of their personnel
  • The quality of voice over equipment they use
  • The number of voice over services they can offer
  • The cost they charge for their services
  • The level of customer satisfaction ( based on customer reviews)



The international voice over service can help you reach your target audience easily by offering services as a voice over for ad commercials, e-learning courses and explainer videos, among others.  To get the most out of it, you need to hire your international voice over services from an established agency like Wordsburg’s international voice over service or any other reputable agency in the market.